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#273: Extract / Yojimbo / Top 5 Most Anticipated TIFF '09 Movies

Filmspotting reviews Mike Judge's latest, "Extract" ... discuss the 5th movie in their Kurosawa Marathon, "Yojimbo" ... and preview their trip to the Toronto International Film Festival with their Top 5 Most Anticipated TIFF Movies.

Also on the show: Music by Colin HayListener Feedback and Massacre Theatre -- presented by Pixar Talk. This week's winner will get the Pixar DVD of their choice.

:13-15:11 - Review: "Extract"
Music: Colin Hay, "Oh California"
15:59-32:47 - Listener Feedback (Fall Preview)
Music: Colin Hay, "Prison Time"
33:23-36:46 - Facebook/Mamet Winner
36:47-41:02 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: B. Tackett)
41:03-51:28 - Kurosawa #5: Yojimbo
Music: Colin Hay, "There's Water Over You"
52:13-59:59 - New DVDs/Donations
1:00:00-1:133:52 - Top 5: TIFF '09 Preview
1:29:00-1:17:33 - Polls, Next Show, Outtake

- "The Ice Storm" came out in 1997, so good chance I watched it on DVD not VHS. Who knows.

Toronto Film Fest Meetup details.

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