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#268: Julie and Julia / Humpday / Top 5 Food Movies

Hellooooooooo my lovelies! This week we’re going to be making Filmspotting a la Awesome. To begin, please find yourself a suitable receptacle, an iPod or a radio station; then find yourself two charming, pedantic cinephiles: a nice ripe Kempenaar will do nicely (you’ll know it’s in season if it's a little smushy in the middle) and then add a healthy dollop of some beautiful Matty Ballgame for some added spice. Mix the two liberally together for about an hour, stirring all the while. Once congealed, add in a healthy discussion of "Julie and Julia," the new comedy from Nora Ephron starring Meryl Streep as Julia Child and Amy Adams in the role of another young actress once again out-acted by the great Meryl Streep. Next, gently massage in some poignant Listener Feedback for stability before topping the entire concoction off with a demiglase of the Top 5 Food Movies. Let sit for an hour until the Ballgame has fully pickled and then, “Bon Appetit!”

Also on the show: Adam's Articulate Analysis of Lynn Shelton's new film "Humpday," Massacre Theatre-- presented by In Review Online -- and music by The Sea and Cake.

:13-14:18 - Review: "Julie and Julia"
14:19-18:41 - Adam's AA: "Humpday"
Music: The Sea and Cake, "Car Alarm"
20:12-41:11 - Polls, Listener Feedback (Comedy Films, "Funny People")
Music: The Sea and Cake, "the Staircase"
41:59-51:11 - New DVDs/Donations
51:12-56:21 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: D. Molloy)
56:22-1:09:50 - Top 5: Food Movies
1:09:51-1:13:27 - Close/Next Show/Outtake


- "District 9" should be the review next week.

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