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#263: Public Enemies / New Hollywood Marathon Awards / Top 5 Films of 2001

This week... Adam and Matty consider Michael Mann's "Public Enemies," announce the winners of Filmspotting's New Hollywood Marathon Awards (The Plastics) and share their Top 5 Films of 2001

Plus, don't miss Adam's Articulate Analysis with quick takes on "Food, Inc.," "Summer Hours" and "Whatever Works." 

Also on the show: Listener FeedbackMassacre Theatre -- presented by In Review Online -- and music by Wilco.

:13-23:05 - Review: "Public Enemies"
Music: Wilco, "You Never Know"
23:55-25:44 - Voicemail
25:45-28:36 - Adam's Articulate Analysis
28:37-39:51 - Feedback: Top 5 Screen Dads
Music: Wilco, "I'll Fight"
41:54-46:03 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: C. Meltzer)
46:04-1:02:28 - New Hollywood Awards
Music: Wilco, "One Wing"
1:03:22-1:11:36 - New DVDs/Donations
1:11:37-1:25:24 - Top 5: Films of 2001
1:25:25-1:28:23 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

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- We remembered that "Moon" is playing in Chicago. We'll review that next week.

- Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting Podcast can be accessed through iTunes here.


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