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#227: Lakeview Terrace / Righteous Kill / Top 5 Actor Pairings We'd Like To See

"Say hello to our little friends ..." This week, Adam and Matty perform the entire show using their best Bobby De Niro and Al Pacino impressions in honor of the legendary duo's new crime drama, "Righteous Kill." The guys might even find time to work in some of their best Samuel L. Jackson when they cover his performance in "Lakeview Terrace," the newest social commentary/thriller from director Neil Labute. Plus, in honor of Bobby and Al, Filmspotting presents the Top 5 Actor Pairings We'd Like To See. "Yeah, we're talking to you ... hoo-HAH!"

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and music by The Scotland Yard Gospel Choircourtesy of Bloodshot Records.

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Filmspotting #227
:11-14:15 - Review: "Lakeview Terrace"
Music: SYGC
15:22-19:30 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Sean T. DeLap)
19:31-29:24 - Review: "Righteous Kill"
Music: SYGC
30:58-38:35 - Voicemail, Polls, Notes,
38:36-50:17 - Feedback (Burn After, Fall Movies)
Music: SYGC
51:32-56:32 - New DVDs, Donations
56:33-1:14:35 - Top 5: Actor Pairings
1:14:36-1:17:32 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes


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