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#192: The Orphanage / Walk Hard / 2007 Top 5 Blowout

This week, Adam and Matty top off 2007 with a potpourri of Top 5 lists, including Worst Movies of the Year, Most Annoying Performances, Best/Worst Date Movies and more. Also, Matty admits to being a bit of a fraidy-cat when it comes to scary movies, so Adam holds his hand during their discussion of the latest Spanish ghost thriller, "The Orphanage," directed by first-timer J.A. Bayona and 'presented by' Guillermo del Toro.

Plus, the guys find time to "Walk Hard" with John C. Reilly for a review of Jake Kasdan and Judd Apatow's music biopic spoof.

Music by Chuck Prophet from the new album Soap and Water.

Filmspotting #192
:26-11:20 - Review: "The Orphanage"
Music: Chuck Prophet, "Freckle"
12:14-19:52 - Review: "Walk Hard"
19:53-24:44 - Poll Questions, Overrated Movies of 2007
Music: Chuck Prophet, "Small-Town Girl"
25:36-29:20 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Michael Watson)
29:21-38:55 - Listener Feedback (Voicemails, Best of 2007)
Music: Chuck Prophet, "I Can Feel Your Heartbeat"
39:34-43:18 - New DVDs, Donations
43:19-52:46 - 2007 Blowout: Worst Movies, Underrated, Best/Worst Date Movies
52:47-1:00:22 - Discoveries, Disappointments, Documentaries
1:00:23-1:03:35 - Annoying Performances, Best Male Frontal Nudity
1:03:36-1:05:12 - Close/Next Show

- Watch an interview with "Orphanage" screenwriter Sergio G. Sanchez and director J.A. Bayona here.

- Matty actually meant he saw a trailer for "Meet the Spartans," not "Epic Movie."

- See Filmspotting friend Michael Phillips deliver his worst movies of 2007 here.

- Just for the record, Matty was embellishing when he suggested we considered a Top 5 Steamiest Scenes of 2007 list. It was not a potential topic we discussed.


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