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#179: Into the Wild / Smiles of a Summer Night / Top 5 Senior Citizen Performances

Adam and Matty review Sean Penn's latest film as writer/director, "Into the Wild" ... Plus, Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, the first movie in our Ingmar Bergman Marathon -- Smiles of a Summer Night" -- and our Top 5 Senior Citizens On Screen, in honor of Hal Holbrook's performance in "Into the Wild."

Music by Bottle Rockets courtesy of Bloodshot Records

Filmspotting #179
:21-12:41 - Review: "Into the Wild"
Music: Bottle Rockets, "Better Than Broken"
13:21-14:41 - Audio Feedback
14:42-25:47 - Listener Feedback ("Across the Universe," Overrated Directors)
Music: Bottle Rockets, "Middle Man"
26:35-31:12 - New DVDs, Donations/Nicknames
31:26-34:08 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Melinda Hale)
34:09-37:46 - Chicago Film Fest Preview
37:47-45:05 - Bergman #1: "Smiles of a Summer Night"
Music: Bottle Rockets, "Happy Anniversary"
45:37-59:15 - New Poll, Top 5: Overrated Directors
59:16-1:02:48 - Close/Next Show/Outtake (New "Elah" ending)

- "Into the Wild" makes use of one of my (Adam's) all-time favorite poems - "I Go Back To May 1937" by Sharon Olds.

- "Network" has been added to my Top 5 penalty box... and is being considered for the pantheon.


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