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#175: Rocket Science / Interview / Fall Movie Preview (Part II)

It says something about the sheer number of compelling films there are to see at Sundance that back in January Adam and Sam left Park City, UT, without seeing either Jeffrey Blitz's quirky coming-of-age tale "Rocket Science" or Steve Buscemi's remake of the late Danish director Theo Van Gogh's critique of media and celebrity, "Interview." Blitz had previously directed the Oscar-nominated Spelling Bee doc "Spellbound," which was Sam's 'secret' favorite film of 2002; and Buscemi is, well, Steve Buscemi, one of the most respected actors in independent film.

Without a mountain high -- or film fest burnout -- to alter their perceptions, do Adam and Sam think either film deserves its Sundance reputation?

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre, Listener Feedback and Part II of Filmspotting's Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall Movies.

Music by Danbert Nobacon courtesy of Bloodshot Records.

Filmspotting #175
:22-14:04 - Review: "Rocket Science"
Music: Danbert Nobacon, "The Last Drop in the Glass"
14:36-28:21 - Review: "Interview"
Music: Danbert Nobacon, "Straight Talk (Meet Frank)"
29:04-32:58 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Jeffrey Wettig)
32:59-37:11 - Listened Feedback (Sam's Retirement)
37:12-42:50 - Poll Questions, Notes
42:51-47:54 - Feedback cont. (Invasion, Fall Preview)
Music: Danbert Nobacon, "Rock 'n' Roll Holy Wars"
48:12-52:07 - New DVDs, Toronto Meetup, Donations
52:08-1:05:43 - Top 5: Most Anticipated Fall Movies - Part I
1:05:44-1:07:40 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- Massacre Theatre Video from Jared in Boston: Chiwauko


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