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#190: I Am Legend / Juno / Page-Cody Interview / Top 5 Lead Performances of 2007

This week, Adam and Matty are on full quirk alert for a discussion of Jason Reitman's ("Thank You For Smoking") breakout Toronto Film Festival comedy, "Juno." Plus, Adam sits down for a little girl talk with Ellen Page and Diablo Cody, "Juno's" talented star and screenwriter, respectively.

Also on the show: a review of the latest Will Smith vs. the World epic, "I Am Legend," Massacre Theatre and the Top 5 Lead Performances of 2007.

Music by Exit Clov courtesy of Livewire Recordings.

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Filmspotting #190
:20-7:45 - Review: "I Am Legend"
7:46-15:48 - Review: "Juno"
Music: Exit Clov, "Communist BBQ"
16:23-31:29 - Interview: Ellen Page, Diablo Cody
Music: Exit Clov, "MK Ultra"
32:24-36:36 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Chris McCoy)
36:37-37:45 - Poll Questions
38:46-45:50 - Top 5: Female Lead Performances
Music: Exit Clov, "Violent Berries"
46:26-48:48 - New DVDs, Donations
48:49-1:01:43 - Top 5: Male Lead Performances
1:00:06-1:00:07 - Close/Next Show

- "Juno" was actually Adam's #3 film from the Toronto Film Festival, not #2 -- behind "No Country" and "Atonement."

- Ellen Page earned Best Actress for "Juno" from the Chicago Film Critics Association on Thursday; Diablo Cody won for Best Original Screenplay.


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