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#184: American Gangster / The Seventh Seal / Top 5 'Me Decade' Movies

On this week's show... Adam and Matty spend about as much time together on screen in "American Gangster," Ridley Scott's quasi-epic crime tale of real-life Harlem kingpin Frank Lucas, as stars Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe do. Are the individual charms of these two Hollywood heavyweights enough to carry the film, or is "Gangster" mostly another Scott experiment in style over substance?

Also on the show: the Ingmar Bergman Marathon returns... with a scythe. Filmspotting sits down with Death for a friendly little game of chess and a discussion of the 1957 classic "The Seventh Seal." Plus, a So-Cal Tribute edition of Massacre Theatre, Listener Feedback and -- tying in with "American Gangster" -- our Top 5 'Me Decade' Movies... films about the 1970s but not shot in the '70s.

Music by Johnny Society courtesy of Messenger Records.

Filmspotting #184
:21-14:51 - Review: "American Gangster"
Music: Johnny Society, "Don't Talk Ne Down"
15:26-19:21 - Notes, Poll Questions
19:22-28:05 - Listener Feedback (Gone Baby Gone, Actors-Turned-Directors)
Music: Johnny Society, "Bloody Blade"
28:28-31:23 - New DVDs, Donations
31:24-35:26 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Robert Cortez)
35:27-45:28 - Bergman #2: The Seventh Seal
Music: Johnny Society, "Reach Me"
46:26-57:44 - Top 5: 'Me Decade' Movies
57:45-1:00:31 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- I (Adam) am getting blasted, deservedly, for spelling out R-Z-A instead of referring to the Wu-Tang Clan member correctly as "Rizza." I really was aware that he was called "Rizza" ... but yes, I'm ridiculously white. Sorry!

- Obviously Adam meant that Bergman mixes seriousness and humor in a way FEW filmmakers can.

- I (Adam) forgot to give my hedonism 'Me Decade' top 5 picks. I'll try to squeeze them in next week.

- "Velvet Goldmine" is from 1998 not 1995... Todd Haynes made "Safe" in '95.


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