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#181: The Darjeeling Limited / Michael Clayton / CIFF / Top 5 Chicago Movies

Our kind of town, Chicago is... Filmspotting covers the 43rd Annual Chicago International Film Festival, including quick reviews of the new Tony Gilroy thriller "Michael Clayton"and the fest's closing night film "The Savages." Plus, Jake and Elwood... er, Adam and Matty... reveal their Top 5 (or 10) Chicago Movies -- films set and shot in the Windy City ... The show kicks off with your hosts on a spiritual quest to India via Wes Anderson's "The Darjeeling Limited."

New music by Deadstring Brothers courtesy of Bloodshot Records

Filmspotting #181
:21-11:41 - Review: "The Darjeeling Limited"
Music: Deadstring Brothers, "Ain't No Hidin' Love"
14:18-20:01 - CIFF Review: "Michael Clayton," Poll Results
20:02-24:56 - CIFF Review: "Control"
24:57-28:26 - CIFF Review: "The Savages"
Music: Deadstring Brothers, "Silver Mountain"
29:05-31:17 - New DVDs, Donations
31:18-34:38 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Lia Elder)
34:39-45:07 - Listener Feedback (Yuma, Jesse James, Brothers Movies)
Music: Deadstring Brothers, "If You Want Me To"
46:06-57:23 - Top 5: Chicago Movies
57:24-59:01 - Close/Next Show


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