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#649: Top 5 Darren Aronofsky Scenes

#648: Top 5 Stephen King Scares




Shining 237.jpg

1. Room 237, THE SHINING

2. Prom night, CARRIE

3. Fiery rundown, CHRISTINE

4. Trapped in the car, CUJO

5. Electric knife attack, MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE

#646: Top 5 Fall Movie Questions



1. Of the fall 2017 releases, which will eventually make the Filmspotting Pantheon, and if none, why? (THE FLORIDA PROJECT) --Via listener Aaron McDowell

2. Will SPETTACOLO be my favorite movie of all-time, my favorite movie of 2017 or this year’s “The Wolfpack”?

3. Will THE DISASTER ARTIST teach me how to stop worrying and love ‘bad’ movies?

4. Which sequel that nobody was asking for will we be more grateful to have received - BLADE RUNNER 2049 or LAST FLAG FLYING?

5. Will SUBURBICON live up to the expectations its artistic dream team inspires? --Via listener Fern Josephs



1. Which director has a better chance at managing a massive science-fiction property while also staying true to his individual sensibility: Denis Villeneuve (BLADE RUNNER 2049) or Taika Waititi (THOR: RAGNAROK)?

2. Who will have the strongest directorial debut: Paul Dano (WILDLIFE), Brie Larson (UNICORN STORE), Aaron Sorkin (MOLLY'S GAME) or Greta Gerwig (LADY BIRD)?

3. Can Yorgos Lanthimos go back-to-back on my year-end top ten lists with THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER?

4. Is it 1998? (THE FOREIGNER)

5. Will Denzel Washington go full "Nightcrawler" in ROMAN ISRAEL, ESQ.?

#640: Top 5 Sofia Coppola Scenes


1. Shoes and cakes, MARIE ANTOINETTE

2. “Does it get easier?” LOST IN TRANSLATION

3. Long-distance robbery, THE BLING RING

4. "Guess who’s coming to dinner," THE BEGUILED

5. The homecoming dance, THE VIRGIN SUICIDES

Angelica Jade Bastién

1. Unheard whisper, LOST IN TRANSLATION

2. "The still point of a turning world," THE VIRGIN SUICIDES

3. Traveling from Austria to France, MARIE ANTOINETTE

4. "Guess who’s coming to dinner," THE BEGUILED

5. Josh Hartnett's entrance, THE VIRGIN SUICIDES


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