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THE DISASTER ARTIST is in Chicago on December 1st. In anticipation of the film's release we're getting fans excited by screening the film it's based on: THE ROOM

THE ROOM, which opened in a single LA theater in 2003, went on to become a cult classic and has been called the Citizen Kane of bad movies. You can read a bit more about THE ROOM below.

The screening will include pre-show activities and giveaways!

"40 Absurd Facts About The Worst Movie Ever Made" by Alex Zakon

"How The Room Became the Biggest Cult Film of the Past Decade" by Nate Jones

"A Viewer's Guide To The Room" by Staff

"Everything You Need to Know About Cult Film 'The Room' & Disaster Artist Tommy Wiseau" by Luke Bather

Earlier Event: November 8
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