FS #396: The Avengers / Top 5 Overlooked Films
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Friday, 04 May 2012 00:00

Avengers-Shotgun Stories

How does "The Avengers" fare against the diabolical duo of Adam and Josh? Filmspotting discusses the latest Marvel universe installment. Plus, the hosts give you an early look at the lineup for Filmspotting Fest, a celebration of overlooked cinematic gems coming no time soon to a theater nowhere near you.

Filmspotting #396

Filmspotting #396
:56 - Sound Opinions Promo
:57-23:26 - Review: "The Avengers"
Music: "No One's Gonna Love You," Band of Horses 
24:23-30:41 - Massacre Theatre
30:42-37:02 - Polls / Notes
37:03-44:04 - Lost at Ebertfest
Music: "Funeral," Band of Horses 
45:23-50:51 - Donations
51:13-1:20:56 - Top 5: Overlooked Films
1:20:56-1:23:12 - Close


- Sight & Sound Challenge


- Band of Horses


- Catherine Keener was Harper Lee in "Capote." Sandra Bullock was in "Infamous."


- Massacre Theatre winner: Aaron Hammond


- Filmspotting's Summer Docs Class

- Drive-in Double Feature

- Criticwire Survey: Sight & Sound Greatest Film Poll

- Ebertfest Take Shelter Q&A

- Fandor's Ebertfest streams

- Top 5 Overlooked Films

- Film Noir: The Directors

- Alex Charner's art

- Patrick's Sleep Debt movie


- Fandor.com/Filmspotting

- The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith-iTunes


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