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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #330 on: January 10, 2017, 12:33:37 AM »
School started back up this week so unfortunately Tuesday and Thursday mornings are out again.

Bondo, I changed the day to Wed. at 10:30 a.m. CST! oldkid, said he could try for that day too.
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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #331 on: January 10, 2017, 08:01:23 AM »
Thanks, that should work.


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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #332 on: January 10, 2017, 10:05:53 PM »
Hey everyone!

When you say it's gonna happen "now," well when exactly do you mean?

Tomorrow Morning! (Wednesday, Feb. 15th), 10:00 a.m. (CST)

We'll be in, in the Group Listening Booth and the password is filmspotting.
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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #333 on: January 11, 2017, 08:06:07 PM »
Forever Changes  Chat Excerpts  (Press play and follow along. :) )

(I was late to the party so missed getting to talk with Knocked Out Loaded and Bondo. Perhaps they'll chime in with their take, if they get a chance to listen to the album!)

"Alone Again Or"
oldkid: Very pleasant. Spanish guitar
colonel_mexico: ive never heard of this group, whats the year of release?
Sandy: this is 1967
oldkid: The best albums came out in the 60s
Sandy: are you familiar with the group, oldkid?
oldkid: I don't think so.
colonel_mexico: i like the spanish sound. sounds really epic. we are about to go on a journey, about to take a walk with a hobbit to mordor
Sandy: :))
oldkid: Sounds a bit like 10 Years After here
Sandy: this is the song that I was familiar with before choosing the album, but I'm not sure if I know any of the others. I do love this song so much! The trumpets especially

"A House Is Not a Motel"
Sandy: I know this one too! Didn't know who the group was though.
colonel_mexico: i like the ["A House Is Not a Motel"] guitar changes, the beat is like a march. this is essentially the old school prog stuff, the precursor to my beloved mars volta
Sandy: it is! what a great comparison. no wonder mars volta speaks to me
oldkid: This album was names #40 in Rolling Stones 500 all time grteatest albums list
colonel_mexico: wow, impressive, im glad im getting to hear this

Sandy: I know this one too! wow this is weird
colonel_mexico: old memories?
Sandy: one of my older siblings or someone must have had an album, it's like way back in my grey matter
oldkid: the quality is consistently good. Really pleasant, very listenable
colonel_mexico: yes very.  the guy singing just reminds me so much of the guy who sang in the hobbit cartoon from
oldkid: Glen Yarborough?
colonel_mexico: was that his name?
Sandy: oh! we have the music from that cartoon memorized around here... 
colonel_mexico: haha! awesome!
Sandy: frodo of the nine fingers!
colonel_mexico: lol yep
Steve: Wow, I'm so trying to forget....
Sandy: haha!   ... this song is so "sighable"
For you can see you in her eyes
Then you feel your heart beating

"The Daily Planet"
oldkid: Love this bass. Sounds like Who's Tommy. I could be wrong. The Daily Planet is my favorite so far.
Sandy: the guitarist really shines too.  [this is interesting]
The title of the album came from a story that Lee had heard about a friend-of-a-friend who had broken up with his girlfriend. She exclaimed, "You said you would love me forever!," and he replied, "Well, forever changes." Lee also noted that since the name of the band was Love, the full title was actually Love Forever Changes.

"The Old Man."
oldkid: Good violins.
Sandy: [It's a song about good advice regarding love, but doesn't say what the advice is! I wish I knew what the tiny ivory ball meant and what was in the small brown leather book.}

"The Red Telephone"
Sandy: this music is completely immersive. it's taking over all my senses, like a teleport to somewhere. oldkid, what you said about it being #40 is very impressive
oldkid: You should see all the other recognition it's gotten.
Sandy: I hadn't even heard of the group's name until fairly recently
oldkid: This is one of the great albums of the 60s
Sandy: and now it's been discovered here!
oldkid: The lyrics aren't remarkable, but the music is fantastic
Sandy: "we're taking the hobbits to isendard!" ...that's what their chant reminded me of. thanks to the Col. referencing all things Tolkein earlier
oldkid: Ha

"Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale"
Sandy: Hear that guitarist! the title, what a mouth full.
oldkid: Herb Albert joins in?
Sandy: it sounds like it! My parents were really into Herb Albert
oldkid: Diane really likes a couple of his albums
Sandy: they're feel good music
oldkid: Live and let live
Sandy: what else are you learning about the band?
oldkid: This album actually is expressing doubt about the flower power movement. The band Love was in competition with the Doors, who were on the same label
Sandy: it was a step ahead of the film industry then and everything else really
oldkid: That guitar came out of nowhere!
Sandy: !
oldkid: This band strongly influences the Who
Sandy: we should do a the who album! I'm not very versed in them
oldkid: I love the Who
Sandy: I've loved what I've heard! that guitar you spoke of sounds like an outcry. listen to me! As if the normal channels of communication weren't working
oldkid: There he is again
Sandy: and the key change to capture attention too
oldkid: And tempo up. Great song
Sandy: what an amazing avenue to find a way to convey a need to express

"The Good Humor Man Sees Everything Like This"
Sandy: did you visit the ice cream truck a lot when you were a kid?
oldkid: My parents wouldn't give me the money. So the ice cream truck was failed hope to me
Sandy: mine either. i once in a while scraped together something. mostly the truck came and went without me. I've had plenty of ice cream in my life, so it's all good
colonel_mexico: hey sorry, phone calls all the same time!
Sandy: multi tasker!
oldkid: I'm cooking food for a shelter
Sandy: wish I could help
oldkid: Me too. Tough to type and stir at the same time
colonel_mexico: yes i enjoy cooking as well
Sandy: :)
colonel_mexico: i was going to say so this is probably part of the soundtrack of the free love/hippie generations?
oldkid: I'm sure it is. But if so, they misunderstood it. But it is all about the joys of everyday life, so that fits
Sandy: do you think it is a misunderstanding or like you said, a response to it?
colonel_mexicomanager: kind of rapping right here
Sandy: ahead of their time. kind of Dlyanesque too
colonel_mexico: the guitar stuff reminds a little of America
Sandy: it does! looking them up... didn't realize that America is an English band!
colonel_mexico: it reminds me of a song from the album that has horse with no name
Sandy: wonder if Love influenced America's sound
oldkid: Perhaps a bit
Sandy: so memorable, that song!
oldkid: America is british? But... what?
Sandy: yeah i know!
oldkid: Songs about California...
Sandy: NO, i lied! it was formed in England. sons of Air Force personnel stationed there. oops!
oldkid: Ah
Sandy: now all is right in the world.
oldkid: I feel better, that's for sure
Sandy: :D
colonel_mexico: air force brats!
Sandy: it's make a band or join football, right, Col?
colonel_mexico: or baseball :) 
oldkid: America is one of my original bands

"Bummer in the Summer"
colonel_mexico: this seems so much more structured and weird, unlike the strangeness of Sgt. Peppers that is just straight weird, this feels more hopeful, and cant help but wonder if the lyrics are meant to be didactic?
Sandy: I think so, Col. They have something they want to get across. It's not just music exploration
colonel_mexico: right, seems that way. im not at all familiar with this, just an observation
Sandy: perceptive observation

"You Set the Scene"
oldkid:This album reminds me a bit of Moody Blues Days of Future Past and CSNY. Everyday stuff in bold music
Sandy: ooh, we should do a moody blues album! this song has some others it's echoing, but I can't put my finger on which ones. one's from the fifties and the other is during this time period.
colonel_mexico: trumpet solos
oldkid: The producer of this album had just finished working with Neil Young and Buffalo Springfield
colonel_mexico: nice. very cool sandy thanks
Sandy: I'll remember them in the middle of the night, I just know it!
oldkid: Interesting ending. I'll be putting this on my playlist
Sandy: there was some sgt. pepper after all. 
colonel_mexico: haha yeah
Sandy:  thank you guys for hanging out!
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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #334 on: January 11, 2017, 10:10:01 PM »
Bottle Rocket used Alone Again Or really well.
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Knocked Out Loaded

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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #335 on: January 12, 2017, 07:08:34 AM »
This album is like a fragile construction. It was a nice conversation. Thanks for that clip, it made me smile. :)
I might remember it all differently tomorrow.


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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #336 on: January 29, 2017, 03:35:48 PM »
Bottle Rocket used Alone Again Or really well.

:) I haven't seen this movie, but could tell from that first shot, it was Wes Anderson. Added to my watchlist!

He really does know how to pick great music for his films.

This album is like a fragile construction.

wonderful phrase!

It was a nice conversation.

If I hadn't been late, you could have joined in! I'll be on time for the next one. :)
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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #337 on: January 29, 2017, 03:55:49 PM »
Next up, Knocked Out Loaded's turn...

Album: The Days of Wine and Roses
Artist: The Dream Syndicate
Year: 1982

“With few exceptions, the bands that rose from L.A.'s Paisley Underground scene in the '80s had only one real thing in common -- all of them were obsessed with the rock & roll touchstones of the mid- to late '60s, whether it was psychedelia (the Rain Parade), country rock (the Long Ryders), or AM pop (the Bangles). But while most of these bands looked to the sunny side of '60s rock, the Dream Syndicate were the Paisley Underground's juvenile delinquents, smart but cynical and happy to spread bad vibes for the hell of it. Nearly all of the Paisley bands were audibly Californian, but while they hailed from Davis, California, the Dream Syndicate's key influences were significantly from the East Coast: the Velvet Underground (particularly White Light/White Heat), and mid-'60s Bob Dylan (think Highway 61 Revisited).

At the core of their sound was the bracing thrust and parry between Karl Precoda's lead guitar, noisy and elemental but inspired in its wanderlust, and the sharp report of Steve Wynn's rhythm guitar, yielding a tougher and more abrasive sound than their peers. Consequently, the Dream Syndicate's debut album, 1982's The Days of Wine and Roses, is arguably the finest LP to come out of the Paisley Underground's salad days, and ultimately atypical of the movement, a blast of beautiful but ominous rock & roll chaos whose speedy guitar-based attack was held in place by the intelligent minimalism of bassist Kendra Smith and drummer Dennis Duck...”  -- Mark Deming

Listening Booth
Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 11:00:00 AM in your time zone! (11:00 a.m. CST)
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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #338 on: January 30, 2017, 07:27:45 PM »
Hey everyone!

There is a place you might wanna go... You might look and see the light shining

Tomorrow Morning! January 31, 2017, 11:00:00 AM in your time zone. (11:00 a.m. CST)

We'll be in, in the Group Listening Booth and the password is filmspotting.
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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #339 on: January 31, 2017, 03:58:08 PM »
The Days of Wine and Roses  Chat Excerpts  (Press play and follow along. :) )

KnockedOutLoaded: i've barely heard [the album] in 30 years or so. i listened to a lot of american groups for the first half of the 80's and there was a LA label called slash records, kinda underground. these were on the label
oldkid: I'm assuming it has nothing to do with the movie by Blake Edwards?
KnockedOutLoaded: i dont think so
Sandy: it might come from the poem

"Tell me When It's Over"
KnockedOutLoaded: these and other acts on slash spoke to me musically. i don't listen so much to lyrics
Sandy: I'm trying to do that more, let the music take me
oldkid: "They are not long, the days of wine and roses: Out of a misty dream Our path emerges for a while, then closes Within a dream."
Sandy: a very good inspiration for an album. I'd like to think it did inspire them.
oldkid: The first song reminds me of Simple Minds.
Sandy: funny, I'm thinking of the song, "don't you forget about me" and low and behold it's Simple Minds!
KnockedOutLoaded: it is! no simple minds connection on these shores though.
Sandy: :)

"Definitely Clean"
Sandy: the first part of the poem goes with some of the songs too. "They are not long, the weeping and the laughter, Love and desire and hate..."
oldkid: This one has more punk in it
KnockedOutLoaded: it has. or maybe pop... their prime inspiration source many thinks is velvet underground
oldkid: Short album, only nine songs... Nice bass line
KnockedOutLoaded: it was like that, then! an album was 40 minutes
Sandy: I liked that song

"That's What You Always Say"
Usually albums at that time had ten songs, unless one song was long. The title song here is seven minutes, which is a bit long
KnockedOutLoaded: it is. i never thought about how many songs an album contained
oldkid: Five songs for each side of a disc
Sandy: I think it's interesting that you heard this group in Sweden, KOL and I'm only a few states away and never heard them.
KnockedOutLoaded: you were in a different water, sandy
Sandy: I was! I missed out. so glad there is the listening booth!
KnockedOutLoaded: i was into the whole slash catalogue, los lobos, x, violent femmes and so on
Sandy: cool jangly guitar here

"Then She Remembers"
oldkid: Each song has a different sound
KnockedOutLoaded: you think so, oldkid? i think it is very homogenous
oldkid: Yes. The first was a smooth pop. This song is a rough, more independent sound, almost the opposite of the first.
KnockedOutLoaded: that's an interesting observation. i just hear the guitar wails. very little dynamics
Sandy: he wails well!
oldkid: True that
KnockedOutLoaded: his name is steve wynn. he went solo later

KnockedOutLoaded: this is slower but the guitar wail is similar
oldkid: I really like this one. I love how the guitars blend.
Sandy: I'm being swept back to the 80's, pretty nostalgic. it's what music should do! ...though it brings me further back... the 60's, but I wasn't immersed then, so it's future retro
oldkid: Very cool solo. Different. I wonder what he was doing?
Sandy: it is. the article I'm reading says, "guitar interplay" whatever that is.
KnockedOutLoaded: do anyone of you play an instrument?
Sandy: I play very, very little piano. simple songs. how about you?. Do you play an instrument?...
KnockedOutLoaded: no, sandy, i play nothing!
Sandy: We are the audience, then!
oldkid: I guess they were also heavily influenced by Neil Young. I can certainly hear that. Nice song.

"When You Smile"
KnockedOutLoaded: neil young and crazy horse is a good bet
Sandy: feedback as music! 
oldkid: This one reminds me more of the Doors
Sandy: his voice, especially
KnockedOutLoaded: and the velvet undergound. i also hear a lot of television, a vu derivative
oldkid: And the guitar work on The End
Sandy: This is one of the songs where the lyrics stood out to me, when going through them last night. "When you smile, I don't know what to do 'cause I could lose everything in a minute or two..."

"Until Lately"
Sandy: now we are in a beatnik bar
oldkid: Lol... I read that The Dream Syndicate was very influential on underground 80s bands. They opened for U2 and REM
Sandy: huh. If I had been able to then, I would have seen them! I would have gone to a U2 concert if it were possible... I wonder if The Teardrop Explodes listened to this. I hear them in this song
oldkid: Harmonica!
KnockedOutLoaded: but their career never took off as it should
Sandy: ahead of their time?
KnockedOutLoaded: or too few melodies?
oldkid: Too simple, too basic. The very thing that made them important to underground bands is what made them difficult to play on the radio
KnockedOutLoaded: they were prior. that is a great conclusion, oldkid. about being ahead
Sandy: scaffolding perhaps
oldkid: I liked that song.

"Too Little, Too Late"
oldkid: Nice feel to this. Very floydish... Female vocalist?
KnockedOutLoaded: yes. i wonder who
oldkid: Kendra Smith, the bass player
KnockedOutLoaded: oh!
Sandy: she has a little Nico in her
oldkid: Definitely.

"The Days of Wine and Roses"
Sandy: This band feels like a puzzle piece needed to fill in the bigger music picture
oldkid: Exactly. They are drawing from older bands and they influenced other, later bands. but they make sense of a lot of 80s music. This isn't an album I would listen to much, I think, but I'm glad to know it for music history.
KnockedOutLoaded: i never listened a lot to it back then. i think they were better live than on record
Sandy: ...Ramones here? fast
oldkid: Not Ramones fast 
Sandy: nope. the song would have been over already
oldkid: :)
Sandy: innovated guitar here too, using it like a new toy, figuring out what sounds it can make. this song makes me smile
oldkid: I like this guitar.
KnockedOutLoaded: thanks for paying attention
oldkid: I bet this song was great live
Sandy: great crescendo! ...big finale!
oldkid: Well, that was sudden.
Sandy: haha. whew!
oldkid: Good end, though. I want to hear someone shout, "I got blisters on my fingers!"
KnockedOutLoaded: haha!
Sandy: :D  what other groups did you like from the label?
KnockedOutLoaded: violent femmes, x, los lobos
Sandy: oh, that's right! you wrote those. i'll look into them
KnockedOutLoaded: and some on other labels: true west, rain parade, long ryders, divine horseman
Sandy: wow, you really are versed in this time period
KnockedOutLoaded: all those were active for a short period, then the grunge came...
Sandy: wonderful pick, KOL! Thanks!
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